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From isolated hardware products to software service ecosystems


Beijing Eben Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Eben), founded in July 2009, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tsinghua Tongfang. Eben has been committed to digital writing and independently developed technologies such as MindMark and Mind Sense and aseries of business tablet products based on such technologies, opening up China’s business path. Eben has roots in the local Chinese market and is committed to providing high-end business and governmental consumers with more convenient, efficient and eco-friendly mobile office products and solutions. Its market share dominates China.

As Eben’s products steadily expand on the existing market (corporate and governmental officers), the Eben team begins to face some new issues: how to improve the use frequency of a handwriting tablet and how to integrate it into office scenarios of a wider range. After much thinking, the Eben team begins to aim at a new user group: business elites who live in an e-office environment.

Research & Positioning

Business elites and mobile commerce

To cooperate with the adjustment in Eben’s positioning, we have carried out a second round of qualitative customer research following T4, where respondents changed from traditional corporate and governmental officers to business elites, for whom ane-office is the primary working environment. Compared with the first round of research, this research is focused on discovering the scenarios related to handwriting of business elites and exploring the integration between handwriting and e-offices.

Business Eben

Reasonable, non-excessive design

Eben’s determination for the mainstream marketcontains its reflection on in-depth system customization. Eben no longer give semphas is to a market segment through a completely customized interface, but takes the position of returning to Android to set a clear, long-term goal -slightly customizing the Android platform to ensure quick follow-ups and upgrades of the software and hardware, putting all effort into building Eben’sown applications, services and designs to strengthen its brand features and leadership in the business tablet market.

Integrating Eben into work

If Eben T1-T4 products aremore like an independent tool in a user’s work environment, then Eben T5products are expected to truly become part of the business elites’ daily office work. Eben’s unique 'pen' can help users generate content more freely (whether it behandwritten notes, handwritten calendars, handwritten emails, or MS Word annotations and webpage marks) and the contents can be conveniently retrievedand used in various work scenarios. To achieve this, both teams have worked together to conceive and design the "Eben Cloud".

Best office equipment

Starting from Eben T1, the Eben team hopes that Eben can become the best piece of office equipment inpeople’s daily work, so we have done our utmost to achieve this goal in the design of Eben T5. We’ve conducted a detailed analysis of Eben’s two major customer groups in their office work environments and integrated new discoveries intoour design. We broke barriers among different applications to deliver a smoother user experience, introduced a project management model to offer more efficient file organization and designed person-based information aggregation to help businessmen more conveniently search for information. There are many other aspectsto the design.

Quality & Efficiency

We read justed the visual semantics of Eben products closely with the product positioning. During theinterview with each user, we intentionally spent one third of the time discussinginteractive relations between the visual interface and the user. It took us oneweek to analyze visual semantics. After many attempts, based on Eben’s originallow-profile luxury and mainstream business style, we finally determined adesign language, which reflects Eben’s features such as efficiency, natural matching and quality, thus defining Eben products’ visual direction in the long-term.


TANG is one of a few companies in China that can offer complete solutions in the customer experien cesector to quickly help enterprises make up for their disadvantages and greatly improve product experience.

Zhou Jia, Eben CEO

Through both sides’ jointefforts, we designed Eben T5 products that offer a more unified, mature customer experience. Meanwhile, T5’s design determined Eben’s overall product framework and design style, which has a long-term influence on future products.

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