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Beijing Eben Information & Technology Co., Ltd. (Eben), founded in July 2009, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tsinghua Tongfang. Eben has been committed to digital writing and has independently developed technology such as MindMark MindSense, and a seriesof business tablet products based on such technology, opening up Chinas business paths. Eben has roots in Chinas local market and is committed to providing high-end business and governmental consumers with more convenient, efficientand eco-friendly mobile office products and solutions. Its market share dominates China’s business tablet computer market.


Perfectly integrated product experiences

Since the first-generation of its products, Eben has established products positioned to replace the paper notebooks of China’s corporate and government elites. From the T1 to T3, Eben has made gradual success in terms of market share and brand recognition. The next question that the Eben team thought about was how to further create integrated product experiences. With the iPad as the model, how could all aspects of the product, including hardware and software, cloud systems, even the branding and packaging be integrated to offer a more unified and unique Eben experience? As for the operating system, Eben wanted to fully adapt the Android system interms of  product functions, interaction and visualization. Due to its mobile device integration and design capabilities, TANG was invited to tackle the issue with the Eben team.

Research and positioning

A notebook for corporate and government high officials

At the beginning of the project, we carried out in-depth research on corporate and government officials, Eben’s corecustomer group, to systematically understand their needs, which was also the first qualitative research and analysis activity carried out on this target group. Our goal was focused on exploring the notebook use-scenarios of China’s corporate and government officials, and relevant environmental factors such as their handwriting habits and demand for electronics. After data summarization and decision-making discussions, the twosides determined three core scenarios; conference, business travel and daily office work as the directions for product design.

Brand-new Eben

A pure notebook

From the T1 to the T3, Eben has always maintained the industrial design of their products which reflects a physical notebook. With the T4, we hoped to further strengthen this concept at the whole product level. We hoped that from the moment they open the cover of the Eben, China’s corporate and government officials will feel like they are using a traditional notebook, which is familiar and convenient. Therefore, we thoroughly transformed the Android operating system and created a new Eben interface.

Handwriting everywhere

As a continuation of Eben’s unique interaction methods, the Eben T4 maintains the pure pen-based input model. In this regard, we used a standard definition which used electromagnetic pens, but we were not content with it. We hoped to make handwriting seems the most effective in put method from the users’ perspective and to apply handwriting to as many scenarios as possible. We worked with the Eben team to boldly explore the potential of using handwriting in various applications.

High quality, and low profile

Eben’s target user group is characterized by a pursuit of high quality and a low profile. We identified avisual language“low profile but luxury”from their tastes and preferences.  We expected to highlight the weight and quality of the product with attention to detail by creating a realistic visual atmosphere using paper and leather materials for example. Meanwhile, we used many elements from daily life to facilitate those who are not familiar with electronic products to recognize and use the Eben product.


With an integrated product experience and a more brand-based interface, the T4 offers improved user experiences and has received positive market and user feedback. Through closer cooperation in the project, both sides realized that improved user experiences of the Eben productrange requires a long-term, systematic arrangement. So, shortly after the completion of the T4, the two sides began planning planning of the T5.

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