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How to develop an iOS mobile client for fashion


My Runway is an applicationindependently operated by Apphuns under SAP that solves the problem of matchingclothes for fashion icons. My Runway 2.0 iOS was jointly developed by TANG andMy Runway in December 2012. To differentiate the new version from any fashionapps available on the market, the My Runway team hoped to incorporate moreinteractions between the brands and users, highlighting the products’convenience regarding LBS and O2O and separate it from a Taobao-based shopping app.

Concept development andevolution

TANG and My Runwaygradually developed the concepts through joint exploration and thinking.

In today’s mobile app market where various content emerges constantly to attract users,how can we seek an optimum display method in such a small, chaotic space?

At the early stage of theproject, we held in-depth discussions with the primary project team and had abrainstorm after learning about historic issues in previous innovations anddevelopment. To find a display style in line with product features, we studiedvarious graphical representations methods and the prioritization of content.

Design exploration

In the design explorationstage, we proposed two product concepts. In the first plan, we attempted tobreak the old layout and adopt a visually flat style by using a magazine styleand many real-time pictures to replace single module buttons, thus giving asimple, fashionable design to the overall product. In the second plan, weadopted many figurative elements as entry icons from the perspective of brandinheritance to highlight the personality and temperament of the brand.

Good design comes fromadequate understanding and communication. After repeated discussions andcomparisons during the design implementation stage, we integrated the views ofvarious sides, smoothed out pain points and dismantled and combined theframework. We hoped to stimulate users’ desire to visit by visuallyhighlighting the feature of “lightness” and to present branded products in the best way. 

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