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How to create wonderful experience on the Windows 8 platform?


Shanghai-based Ctrip was foundedin 1999. As China’s leading online travel agency, Ctrip provides over 20million users with comprehensive travel services including hotel reservations,airline ticket booking, vacation reservations, business travel management, andmerchant & travel information by integrating the high-tech industry andtraditional travel industry and has been hailed as a model of seamlessly combining the Internet and traditional tourism. With steady business development and outstanding profitability, Ctrip was listed in NASDAQ in December 2003.


Ctrip, as one of the mostpopular online travel service agencies in China, has a mature product layout byusing iOS and Android mobile clients. With the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, Ctrip hopes to be the first to seize the new platform anddevelop a new client that perfectly matches the system. Due to itscomprehensive design capabilities in mobile devices and its excellent qualification as a Microsoft-recommended partner, TANG received Ctrip’sinvitation to help it develop a new Windows 8 client.


Simple & Competent

Since the introduction of WindowsPhone 7, Microsoft has shaped a unique Metro UI design style, which attractsglobal attention since the trend of flat design also brings new challenges todesigners. How can we deliver the features of the brand and products whilst 'being flat'? How can weperceive the true nature of the Metro UI style and design a product with thesame quality as the original one? To find out the answers, we conductedrepeated discussion and attempts in an early stage of the project.

Vivid & Emotional

After the interface became moremature, we put focus on the relationship between various elements. Wereorganized the titles, content, pictures, roles and responsibilities of icons.For example, we greatly increased the area and use of pictures because we hopedto present more visual and emotional details related to business sales.

We also carefully selectedproper aesthetics to reduce consumers’ perception of the dullness and excessiverationality of flat interfaces. For instance, we hoped to design the tickets ina way to stimulate people’s actual perception of holding a paper boarding pass,so we spent much time on a custom design of the ticket styles.

Desire to touch

Win8’s eye-catching visualelements offer users more space to touch. We hoped to further strengthen it toprovide users with a stronger touch driven experience, so we reconsidered thebest touch method of each detail. We used more page elements and controls insteadof direct text descriptions and redesigned them as interesting, easy-to-touchelements, thus helping users more intuitively use the app.

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