Connexions interview with DENNY HUANG : Designing professional communication across cultures

TANG 设计 2017-07-04

connexions • international professional communication journal (ISSN 2325-6044)

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The international brand E-commerce experiences localization research report

Consumer X 研究 2016-05-19

April 8th, ASOS has pulled the plug on its Chinese operations after admitting it would have been too expensive to grow the business. The International brands are aggressively entering the Chinese e-commerce market, but also taking a big risk. Do they really understand Chinese market and users? Localization might be their first class...

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Breaking The Rules

TANG 设计 2013-11-21

On December 26th, 2012, TANG User Experience Consulting CEO Jason Huang made a speech titled ‘Breaking the Rules’ at Tencent E-Commerce Design (ECD). Over 150 Tencent E-Commerce Customer Experience designers, researchers, design managers and product managers participated in the meeting, and Tencent ECD Assistant General Manager Liu Yi was also present. Jason Huang analyzed UX’s concept from a new perspective, shared whole process cases of experience-driven innovation that peers were concerned about, and carried out an in-depth analysis of the relations between PM and UX and the cross-channel experience. He also gave emphasis to the “corporate user experience maturity model” that he first introduced to the industry in China...

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West VS East: local e-commerce of an international hotel brand

TANG 研究 2013-11-21

The report Analysis on Urban Prosperity inthe Chinese Hotel Market, jointly issued by Jones Lang LaSalle’s Hotels Group and China Tourist Hotels Association in2012, shows that an international hotel brand opens properties in China on averageevery four days and that China has become one of world’s fastest growing andcompetitive markets. However, when a Western hotel group encounters easternconsumers, it cannot usually introduce good products, and their value to theChinese market successfully, due to language and cultural differences, fails towin the favor of Chinese consumers...

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《Design》Magazine with TANG : Focus on the Experience of Chinese Users

TANG 设计 2013-11-21

《Design》Magazine published an interview article with TANG’s founder Jason Huang for its special issue of China’s Excellent Independent Design Agency Series Report. The reporter had an exclusive interview with Jason Huang about the social background and company status at TANG’s founding, TANG’s development stages and the main obstacles in its cooperation with other enterprises...

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