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After addressing the Alibaba Wireless Carnival inHangzhou in December 2013, Jason Huang (TANG’s Founder & CEO) and TANG’sresearch team representatives had another communication with Alibaba’s UED teamon invitation yesterday (February 25), making a speech themed as Evolution ofUIs, Products, Services and Business. The activity was attended by over 60on-site designers and management team members from Tmall, Juhuasuan, Xiami,ShopNC and Taodiandian.

Throughout the speech, Jason Huang explained the significance of X Thinking. Some of these included; 'user experiences need to be a way of thinking through out the entire process', 'Good cross-channel experiences are the key to business success', 'Cross-channel experience designs are built around a customer journey map', 'how to make an outside-in innovation', and 'A product alone is not a total innovation, or an overall experience design', and shared the methods and typical cases of customerjourneys.

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