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On Monday, the UX EVENT, organized by TANG, was heldin Shanghai, where Marc Rettig and Jason Huang made keynote speeches. The event attracted nearly 40 industry professionals from companies such as Huawei, TCL, Gionee, Lenovo, BMW and PPTV.

As TANG’s founder & CEO, Jason Huang introduced the concept of 'X Thinking' in the speech and explained its far-reaching roleand influence on sectors such as finance, business, travel and medical care from four dimensions including business strategy, service planning, product innovation and interface design. 

Marc Rettig is founder of Fit Associate, and has over 30 years of experience in sectors such as business, design, education and technology. He shared his valuable experience at the workshop, including the exploration and development of the user experience industry. He advocated breaking inherent thinking models to motivate designinspirations with a free mind and body. He proposed two work modes; Open and Closed. Open working means breaking constraints and limitations and letting feelings and emotions flow freely. Closed working means neglecting the surrounding environment and focusing on the goals. Marc also talked about how to use intuition to pursue innovation and how to shape inspirations into a design. He said that intuition is like a faint light at the end of a long tunnel and thought it's not bright enough to light up the world, it can lead us towards the bright.

At the latest UX EVENT, the participants learned about the concept of X Thinking and the new methods for breaking the bottlenecks to innovation.

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