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Cross-channel Experience Research and Design

This service helps customers with various business channels reposition these channels from users’ perspectives, explore the cross-channel potential and room for product innovation, develop a user-centered, integrated service system, avoid similarity and replication of channels, and improve brand reliance and reputation amongst users.

Experience Driven Product Innovation

Designed to help customers that hope to build up their product experiences to ensure the competitiveness of future products, this service seeks innovation opportunities and inspiration from users’ behavior. It focuses on how to transform creativity into a striking product innovation plan and how to create unique product experiences through design.

In-depth Research on Chinese Users

This service can provide a more systematic understanding of Chinese user groups and a panorama of their experience. We are also able to gain a more precise insight into their behaviors and demands as well as a more comprehensive understanding of the topic of “China” for domestic and foreign customers that try to maintain their momentum, through in-depth user research during product R&D and market development.

Customer Experience Organization and Management

This service supports customers that are trying to improve the experience of many internal departments and products through an experience management system. Our focus is on seamlessly incorporating customer experience methods into existing working modes, organizational frameworks and corporate culture, and how to effectively carry out a series of tasks including layout, implementation and planning.

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